Press on Go Luna Girl Go

ditk_logo “My oldest hasn’t put the app down for more than 25 minutes. Pure genius.”

Press“One mom is determined to inspire a new generation of conscientious, emotionally fit and assertive girls.”

Press“Go Luna Girl Go is a story that helps to instill confidence in young girls, as well as a sense of cooperation with their peers.”

Press - motherhood moment“Research shows in the early school years, girls are social butterflies and rank top of the class, but by middle school peer approval and physical appearances take priority over self-worth, skills, and assertiveness.”

press -stuff parents need“A fantastic app for building confidence in little girls.”

Press - High Impact Mom“It would break my heart if my daughter lost everything that makes her great just because she’s worried about what other people think.”

Dominique Goh Review“I certainly recommend this app to parents of young kids looking for a story with a positive message.”


More than just an app

By MusixMyLife

Go Luna Girl Go is a delightful story with a familiar twist and a variety of fun characters and voices to entertain the kiddos! But best of all is the empowerment message. Not just for girls, the story imparts the important life lessons of goal setting and step-by-step (or leap, haha) strategizing in a simple concept for all ages to enjoy and embrace! I was also impressed with the companion website which I highly recommend families check out together. This really is not JUST an app… for a couple of bucks you get life lessons, a sweet story, a cool website, a few fun activities and an actual book!!

Inspiring story for girls and kids

By Mary Poppins Mom

This is a joyful story that will empower your daughters to feel good about themselves. It’s sweet to learn how the cow jumped over the moon – sometimes curiosity is the best motivation. The coloring activities kept my daughter engaged and talking about what she wanted to be when she grows up. Very sweet.

My daughter won’t give up the iPad

By MiniCoop76

My daughter adores this app, and I feel good about letting her use it. The story has a great positive message, and is entertaining enough to keep her coming back to it.

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