Go Luna Girl Go resources.

Looking for good resources? Are you a resource for empowering girls?  Collaborate and help Luna  lead girls onto a path of confidence and kindness so tomorrow’s women can lead conscientiously.

Historically, women have influenced some of the greatest innovations and discoveries in science, math, business, the environment …in life! So why do so many girls grow from social butterflies and straight A students to reserved women shy to sharing their brilliance.

Today more than ever women need to collaborate and support each other in business and home life. Competition shapes us but support and encouragement connects us; this is true for men and women.

Celebrate with us and add to our list of organizations and companies supporting the growth and advancement of girls and women around the globe.

Reach out and support, or be empowered by the knowledge of what individuals are doing to positively impact the lives of others. Make a difference in your own way…and share how you are leaping beyond the moon to reach your dreams.

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