It’s All Good Media, Inc is a conscientious family entertainment and media company. Our mission is to provide content and programs that positively impact life skills in children; while also influencing meaningful family connections.

Our programs encourage children to explore their creativity and we provide thought-provoking tips for parents to help strengthen their confidence in supporting the emotional connections and growth of their children.

Go Luna Girl Go is based on the confidence building book series Beyond the Moon with Luna. Young girls three to eight will adventure with Luna into the world to meet and learn about women who defied the odds and helped pave the way for more women to do the same.

The app series is inspired by the childhood of creator, Stephanie Rach, whose childhood was filled with 4-H and community projects. An upbringing surrounded by animals in need of care, and families in need of support inspired her to carry on the motivation her own mother instilled in her as a child.

It’s All Good Media, Inc. produces the award-winning eco-educational series Let’s Go Let's Go ChipperChipper, the first original app series on iTunes. Nature-inspired, play-based learning provides a multi-sensory, interdisciplinary experience which is instrumental in education.

Let’s Go Chipper is a 21st Century Learning tool for educators, and a conduit for helping parents and teachers engage, excite, and inspire good character and environmental stewardship in children. The Let’s Go Chipper series is correlated to national academic standards in science, arts and literature, and social skills.

IAG media is a women-owned business comprised of individuals seeking opportunities to work with start-up and socially responsible companies. Our mission is to help companies define their story; even while we build our own programs. Our expertise is identifying an efficient and economical strategy; implementing the plan; tracking the results and revising the approach where necessary; while simultaneously training a company’s team. We infuse a collaborative spirit into a company’s culture and help individuals find their personal best by tapping into skills and interests that allow for growth personally and professionally. We believe every product needs a story, and every story needs a product to strengthen the brand. We also believe you can do good while doing well.

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