Luna _Author | Stephanie Rach created the Go Luna Girl Go app series to help build confidence and kindness in young girls.

Author Stephanie Rach, created Go Luna Girl Go to empower girls to leap for their dreams. She lived the story of Luna growing up in nature and as a 4-H member in southern, California. Each day she would say “hello” to the neighbor’s cows on her way to feed her own horses, pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys, sheep, dogs, cats, ducks and geese. The interaction between the animals always sparked story ideas but the inspiration of Luna came from her own mother; as a community leader she encouraged all kids, especially her three daughters, to never give up and always dream big.

Each day the words “Bravo!” were delivered to siblings and friends as Ms. Rach’s mother gave her own life to helping others strengthen their confidence and determination; while also infusing a level of respect and mindfulness to care for others.

Rach Familiy

Blessed with two daughters, GoLunaGirlGo became the nighttime story which sparked many conversations about great women in history. Amelia Earhart to Rachel Carson, lively conversations grew to discussions of “What can I be when I grow up?” The opportunity to take Luna over the moon and into a series of adventures became the series now called Beyond the Moon with Luna. The goal is to inspire and motivate girls by sharing the stories of great women in history, and women today. Adding to the motivation is an underlying message of respect and collaboration so young girls and women will realize the importance of supporting each other.

Go Luna Girl Go is playfully written but filled with intention to inspire conscientiousness and determination in girls all ages. “It is really just the first chapter in a book so many other young women should contribute to as we continue the path so many women in history paved for us to succeed on just by taking that first leap.”

Determined to support the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States, Ms. Rach continues the story GoLunaGirlGo to help TS women realize every path leads to opportunity. We all have the ability and right to realize our dreams and leap beyond expectation so let’s support each other along the way. A portion of proceeds support the efforts of TSSUS.

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