Building self-esteem in girls is much harder today than it’s ever been! With the various messages in the media and popular culture, it’s hard for a young girl to navigate what being a strong, confident woman means! Music today contribute to both negative and positive self images but the practice of making or dancing to music ALWAYS helps a child, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Music builds confidence in many ways.

Playing Music Builds Confidence in Girls

Music can stir the soul, but experts say it can also help kids develop into well-rounded adults. Whether flitting out notes on a fiddle or blasting out a B-sharp on the baritone, the rigour and challenge of learning a musical instrument can not only help kids develop their concentration and stimulate their intellectual development, but it can also give them a greater understanding and empathy for others.

Music can increase a child’s sense of confidence as well as help them develop emotional maturity. It is an effective way to canonize and express the emotions of an individual because it mobilizes the primary emotions. That can be a good component in the social world, especially since it can help children develop confidence in themselves.

The creativity celebrated in music also has a strong role in teaching tolerance and acceptance of new things. Creativity and the acceptance of others makes our world better and us more respectful to other ideas, and it’s a big part of resolution of problems. Music gives kids the ability to see the world in a more creative way and it’s a benefit to the overall development of children.Playing Music Builds Confidence in Girls

Music study can be a powerful positive force in the lives of children. It is universal and the things it teaches are universal as well. Music is all about creativity, expression and rejuvenation. It’s more than just an extra-curricular activity. It’s about enjoying themselves while learning an art.

Besides offering them a chance to showcase their creative expression, music also helps students during their examinations. Research finds that singing and playing instruments is one of the best way of releasing stress!

Music helps you a lot — builds your confidence, team spirit, competitive attitude and helps you deal with success and failure. It can provide a platform for your little one(s) to pursue his/her/their passion.

4 year-old and her Dad sing, “Tonight You Belong To Me!”

Offer your daughter(s) an opportunity to learn an instrument or play in a band. They give girls a new perspective. Introduce her to strong female role models in her area of interest, whether it’s music, dance, science or even racing cars!
Give your girl(s) a chance to collaborate and feel good about herself/themselves. If she’s into sports, have her join a soccer team. Have an artsy girl, make her feel proud of herself by performing in the school talent show or local chorus.

Young girls can be afraid to speak up and be wrong or be criticized. By playing or singing music, she can say to herself and believe, “I can play in front of all of these people!” There is no right or wrong when it comes to music! They’ll learn that you don’t have to be a legend, you can be yourself, and are empowered.

Go Luna Girl for Music and start singing it out today! What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

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