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As American school, children fall behind in world rankings with math and science. Sylvia Todd, 11, from Auburn, CA, strives to show the world that science project are cool. Sylvia Todd created her own YouTube channel devoted to at home science projects that any grade school student could complete.

Sylvia got inspired for the YouTube channel when she visited the Maker Fair in Marin County.

Ever since then she has been exploring different science experiments that she could do in her spare time. Sylvia also wanted to make sure to that they were kid approved and fun.

After watching some of her science experiments, many moms, dads, and teachers would be impressed to learn some exciting new at home science experiments.

Sylvia makes crazy putty

At age 11 Sylvia, has created her own YouTube channel with the help of her family, accumulating over 1.5 million views. She spends the time filming and editing with her family.

During this time she has learned a lot about science and had fun while doing it.

She wanted her friends to have the same amount of fun that she was having, and was hoping that by creating her YouTube channel she would be able to reach as many kids as possible.

In the past year Sylvia has participated in multiple science fairs, interviews and was even featured in the White House Science Fair in May 2013 where she had the opportunity to meet President Obama.

She showed President Obama her watercolor painting robot, the Watercolorbot.

Sylvia continues to work hard and show young girls that science and math are fun. She has had discussions with teachers on how to make science and math more fun in elementary and middle schools, and hopes to continue to inspire for many young women in the future.


Check out Sylvia’s website to learn more and be inspired!

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