Go Luna Girl Go builds confidence and kindness in young girls. Join Luna as she learns to leap beyond the moon and into a life of opportunity and adventure. Which path will she take? What if she stumbles along the way? Will the other girls laugh or support her in reaching new goals?

With the help of Chester, the wise ol’ frog, Luna learns she is as bright as the moon and worthy of leaping for her dreams.  Luna’s experience will empower young girls; while also teaching the importance of being kind and supportive of their peers.

Go Luna Girl Go is the first appisode in the Beyond the Moon with Luna series of adventures celebrating inspiring women in history and modern day. Lush illustrations and coloring activities provide for an immersive and positively influential experience. Voiced by the highly acclaimed life and business coach Cherie Healey, Go Luna Girl Go will engage young girls and inspire everyone to leap for their dreams and encourage friends to do the same.

Created by It’s All Good Media, Inc. a conscientious family entertainment company focusing on stories that instill positive life skills in children. IAGmedia, Inc. is a Moms with Apps member.

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